Awarded by a British University Recognised Internationally

Embark on a transformative journey with the MBA Leadership and Management programme, offered in partnership between York St John University and Robert Kennedy College. This prestigious British degree is recognised globally, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities in the international business landscape. The programme's rigorous curriculum and world-class faculty ensure that you receive a top-tier education, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your career.

Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, start your own business, or make a difference in the public sector, this MBA programme will provide you with the strategic thinking, leadership skills, and global perspective needed to succeed. The international recognition of this British degree will give you a competitive edge, enhancing your employability and career prospects worldwide.

Complete 100% Online in as Little as 1 Year

The MBA Leadership and Management programme is designed with flexibility in mind. You can complete the entire programme online in as little as one year, allowing you to balance your studies with your professional and personal commitments. The online format also means that you can study at your own pace, giving you the freedom to learn in a way that suits your lifestyle and learning style.

This programme is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about applying that knowledge in real-world contexts. Through case studies, group projects, and interactive discussions, you'll gain practical insights and develop critical thinking skills that you can immediately apply in your current role or future career.

No Specific Times and Dates for Online Presence

One of the key advantages of this online MBA programme is that it does not require your presence at specific times and dates. This means you can study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. Whether you're an early bird who likes to study in the morning or a night owl who prefers to study late at night, you can tailor your study schedule to fit your lifestyle.

Furthermore, this flexibility extends to your location. Whether you're at home, at work, or on the move, you can access your course materials and participate in discussions with your classmates and tutors. This level of convenience and flexibility makes it easier for you to balance your studies with your other commitments, helping you to achieve your educational goals without sacrificing your work or personal life.

Study from Anywhere in the World, Even on the Move

With our mobile app, you can study from anywhere in the world, even while travelling. The app allows you to download study materials and watch lectures offline, making it easy for you to study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. Whether you're commuting to work, waiting for a flight, or relaxing at home, you can make the most of your time by studying on the go.

This level of flexibility and convenience is particularly beneficial for busy professionals who are juggling multiple responsibilities. With the ability to study on the move, you can continue your education without disrupting your work or personal life. Plus, by studying in different environments, you'll gain a broader perspective and develop a more adaptable mindset, which are key attributes in today's dynamic business world.

Open Books Assessments Instead of Classical Exams

Our MBA Leadership and Management programme uses open book assessments instead of traditional exams. This approach allows you to apply your knowledge and skills in a more practical and realistic way. Instead of memorising facts and figures, you'll be encouraged to think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions. This not only enhances your learning experience but also better prepares you for the challenges of the business world.

Open book assessments also promote lifelong learning. By encouraging you to research, analyse, and synthesise information, these assessments help you develop the skills and habits of a lifelong learner. This is particularly important in today's fast-paced business world, where the ability to learn and adapt is crucial for success.

World-Class Faculty

Our faculty comprises tutors who have graduated from world-renowned universities like Oxford, Harvard, EPFL, University of Basel, and Washington University in St. Louis. These tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, providing you with a rich and diverse learning experience. They are not just academics; they are industry professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, and leaders in their respective fields.

Learning from these accomplished tutors, you'll gain insights into the latest trends, strategies, and practices in leadership and management. You'll also have the opportunity to engage in stimulating discussions, collaborate on projects, and build a strong professional network. This interaction with our world-class faculty will not only enrich your learning experience but also open doors to new opportunities and connections.

Diverse Student Base

Our MBA Leadership and Management programme boasts a diverse student base from over 130 countries. This diversity enriches the learning experience, offering you a global perspective on leadership and management. You'll have the opportunity to interact with classmates from different cultures, industries, and backgrounds, broadening your worldview and enhancing your cultural competence.

Our alumni work for international organisations like Luis Vuiton, ICBC Bank, HSBC, Bosch, Nestle, Unilever, Daimler, BMW, Audi, GM, United Nations, Google, ICRC, The World Bank, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Tencent, Siemens, Sony. This speaks volumes about the quality of our programme and the calibre of our graduates. As a student of this programme, you'll join this impressive network of alumni, opening doors to exciting career opportunities around the world.

Affordable Fees

The fees for our MBA Leadership and Management programme can be paid in up to 18 monthly interest-free instalments. This flexible payment plan makes it more affordable for you to pursue your MBA, reducing the financial burden and allowing you to focus on your studies. We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone, and we are committed to providing affordable and flexible payment options to our students.

Benefits for Graduates in Ethiopia

Graduates of our MBA Leadership and Management programme in Ethiopia stand to gain significant benefits. Ethiopia's economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa, with sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services showing strong growth. An MBA can provide you with the skills and knowledge to capitalise on these opportunities, whether you're looking to advance in your current role, start your own business, or transition into a new field.

For instance, Ethiopia's agriculture sector, which accounts for a large portion of the country's GDP and employment, is undergoing significant transformation. An MBA can equip you with the strategic thinking, leadership skills, and business acumen to drive this transformation and contribute to the sector's growth and sustainability.

Similarly, Ethiopia's manufacturing and services sectors are expanding rapidly, creating a demand for skilled managers and leaders. With an MBA, you can meet this demand and play a pivotal role in these sectors' growth and development. Whether you're interested in operations management, supply chain management, marketing, finance, or human resources, an MBA can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities in these sectors.

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