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MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Saudi Arabia
“RKC is one best college I found. Study program is designed for working professionals so that they can manage work and study both. All the staff and teachers are very helpful.”
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MSc in Data Analytics
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MBA in Leadership and Management
United States
“The support provided by RKC was exceptional. Professors, student care, Library staff - all were very prompt in offering support and guidance. The only advice I can give here is listen to them carefully, they are aware what mistakes people make and you could easily avoid making those. ”
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MBA in Coaching Mentoring and Leadership
“The fact that the courses are online was one of the reasons I chose to enroll and I was not disappointed with the quality and flexibility. I was also seduced by the level of requirements, the framework that encourages openness to others and the exchange between students of different backgrounds and nationalities. I have been enriched and improved enormously. I would advice students to visit forums because they bring precious answers and informations that can guide them preciously.”
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MSc in Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Hong Kong SAR
“I think my learning experience is unique as I could be a few in my country to join RKC. There is no immediate classmate in the same country with same culture that I could connect and seek support. Everything I would need to overcome basically on my own and I think this is the challenge on the online learning. I did appreciate the "Student Care" support by RKC at that period. Be proactive, ask questions, a good time management on study and researches are the key to success to get pass. No matter you did not go to school for long or you are now very commercial thinking, you will still find your easy own way to succeed, award the certificate !!”
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MSc in Human Resource Management and Development
“When I decided to have Master degree within my specialisation, I checked different programs but finally decided to go with RKC. The experience was very special as I have been introduced to a diverse community with different backgrounds, nationalities, genders, cultures, religions and more. in each session, I have learned more. All the Professors were very supportive and when it comes to the dissertation Supervisor, I was so delighted dealing with such professional people.”
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Master of Laws in International Business Law
“The Master of Law in International Business Law at Robert Kennedy College (RKC) has contributed significantly to my professional development. Having previously completed the Certificate in Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness at RKC, I am now more advanced both in theory and practice. My RKC experience was a rewarding one. This was enhanced by the eminent professors who were very helpful, patient, and kind to us students. I was particularly impressed by their knowledge and expertise in their respective subject areas and their willingness to transfer this knowledge to the students. My dissertation Supervisor was no exception. Under her skillful guidance and astute recommendations, my dissertation blossomed into the scholarly work that a Law Degree warrants. The diverse backgrounds and knowledge of the students also contributed to the learning process from which lasting relationships were built. I was able to learn from my location with other students across the world, and the tuition was manageable and flexible. RKC takes the whole person into account. I recall I had some family issues and was unable to complete a semester for which I was given the option to take the time off and return to the program at my convenience. If you are seeking to advance or change your career, Robert Kennedy College will assist you in doing so. I have no regrets in choosing RKC to be my preferred academic institution. ”
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MBA in Leadership and Management
“I could start with a part of the payment, experience the program at my own pace, and the reading materials added instant value to my job performance. The program is worth the investment for learning, growth and development. ”
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MSc in Digital Business
South Africa
“The programme is very well structured and has excellent content throughout. As there is a lot of content to cover and links to some external reading, give yourself some extra time to manage all the excellent content”
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