The scheme has been designed to meet the aims of the online MBA in a flexible manner and can be tailored to the individual preferences of each student. The MBA requires you to complete six courses plus a final dissertation. The programme consists of the following modules:




This is the first module of the programme which gives an orientation to the course and the online learning style. It does not carry credits, and students are encouraged to go through the material in this module at their own pace and get accustomed to the online medium.

Stage 1

120 credits - Six taught modules


Stage 2

60 credits - Individual business project

Business Project

You will identify an appropriate project, critically selecting and applying an appropriate analytical methodology and (as necessary) data collection method(s) to your chosen topic. You will demonstrate a rigorous understanding of the theory and literature relevant to the issues under investigation, and you will also be able to reflect critically on how the project contributes to the understanding of the major themes of the MBA.