The overall aims of the Programme are to:

  1. further develop relevant business, management, leadership and organisation knowledge, both academic and professional, in line with postgraduate standards/benchmarks;
  2. develop critical reflection skills and engagement with organisational and professional theory to understand and, where appropriate, challenge existing individual and organisational perspectives and practices;
  3. develop, and where appropriate apply, new knowledge to add value by enhancing organisational capability;
  4. develop understanding of an organisation’s strategic focus and environment, and the impact of the inter-relationship between the organisation’s resources and clients in the evolving global business environment;
  5. develop commitment to continuous personal and professional development, independence and reflective learning;
  6. develop particular expertise and understanding in the fields of leadership, business and management. 

Successful students will be able to:

  1. engage in effective individual research and demonstrate the ability to understand and apply management theory, and to make, when necessary, sound judgements under conditions of uncertainty;
  2. exhibit improved independent research and time management skills, having undertaken a substantial self-managed research project which involved application of a variety of management and research practices, and demonstrates expertise and understanding of issues in leadership, business and management;
  3. demonstrate enhanced interpersonal and team skills, through working with others from different industry or cultural backgrounds;
  4. continue to reflect on their existing experiences, and learn from and build on the experience of others;
  5. develop into modern, well rounded and outward looking managers with a high concern for customers and colleagues, capable of taking responsibility for themselves, their people, their areas of responsibility and their organisation.