Awarded a British Degree Recognised Internationally

Embarking on the MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme will award you with a British degree that is recognised and respected globally. This degree, in partnership with the University of Salford and Robert Kennedy College, provides you with a competitive edge in the global job market and enhances your potential for higher earnings.

Having a British degree not only opens doors to international career opportunities but also boosts your professional credibility. The knowledge and skills you acquire from this programme are applicable across various industries worldwide, making you a valuable asset to any organisation.

Complete 100% Online in as Little as 1 Year

The MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme is designed with flexibility in mind. You can complete the entire course online in as little as one year. This allows you to balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments, making it ideal for working professionals and those with busy schedules.

Our innovative online learning platform provides you with access to comprehensive study materials, interactive discussions, and support from tutors and peers. You can study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere, without compromising the quality of your learning experience.

No Requirement for Online Presence at Specific Times and Dates

Our online programme does not require you to be online at specific times and dates. You have the freedom to plan your study schedule according to your convenience. This flexibility allows you to learn at your own pace and ensures that you can fully engage with the course content.

Whether you prefer studying early in the morning, late at night, or during weekends, our programme accommodates your lifestyle. You can focus on your studies when you are most productive, leading to a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Study from Anywhere in the World, Even While on the Move

With our mobile app, you can study from anywhere in the world, even while on the move. The app allows you to download study materials and watch lectures offline, making it possible for you to learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether you are travelling, waiting for a meeting, or simply enjoying a break at your favourite coffee shop, you can make the most of your time by engaging with your studies.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who travel frequently or have unpredictable schedules. It ensures that you can continue your studies seamlessly, regardless of your location or circumstances.

Open Books Assessments Instead of Classical Question/Answer Exams

Our programme utilises open book assessments, a modern and effective approach to evaluation. Instead of traditional question and answer exams, you are encouraged to use resources and references to answer questions. This method promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and the application of knowledge, skills that are highly valued in the workplace.

Open book assessments reflect real-world situations where professionals have access to information and need to use it effectively. This approach prepares you for the challenges of the workplace and enhances your ability to make informed decisions.

World-Class Tutors and Faculty

Our tutors and faculty are graduates from world-renowned universities like Oxford, Harvard, EPFL, University of Basel, and Washington University in St. Louis. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme, providing you with a high-quality learning experience.

Their diverse backgrounds and expertise enrich the course content and provide you with a global perspective on procurement, logistics, and supply chain management. You will benefit from their insights and guidance, enhancing your understanding of the subject and your ability to apply the concepts in real-world situations.

Diverse Student Base and Successful Alumni

Our student base is diverse, with learners from over 130 countries. This diversity provides a rich learning environment where you can gain insights from different cultures and perspectives. Our alumni are successful professionals working for international organisations like DHL, Dell, Orange, Bosch, CK-HUTCHISON, BASF, Unilever, Daimler, BMW, Audi, United Nations, Google, ICRC, The World Bank, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Tencent, Siemens, Sony.

Being part of this global network can open doors to exciting career opportunities and provide you with valuable contacts in the industry.

Flexible Payment Options

The fees for our programme can be paid in up to 18 monthly interest-free instalments. This flexible payment option makes it more affordable for you to pursue your studies. We believe that financial constraints should not hinder your educational aspirations, and we strive to provide accessible and affordable education for all.

Benefits for Graduates in Tanzania

The MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme offers significant benefits for graduates in Tanzania. The country's strategic location and growing economy present numerous opportunities in sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and tourism. The skills and knowledge you acquire from the programme can be applied to optimise operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency in these sectors.

Furthermore, Tanzania's increasing integration into global trade networks requires professionals who understand international procurement, logistics, and supply chain management practices. With this degree, you can contribute to the country's economic development and position yourself for exciting career opportunities.

Lastly, the programme equips you with the skills to navigate the challenges and complexities of supply chain management in an increasingly globalised and digitalised world. These skills are highly sought after by employers in Tanzania and beyond, enhancing your employability and career prospects.

Take the first step towards transforming your career. Request our course catalogue and discover how our MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme can help you achieve your career goals.