100% Online MSc in International Banking and Finance - Detailed description

3 good reasons to study International Banking and Finance at Salford:

  • Equip yourself for a career in the rapidly expanding banking and finance industry
  • Take a Business Innovation Project to enhance your practical skills and experience
  • Develop expertise in Banking and Finance

This course has been designed specifically to enhance knowledge of the banking and finance industry and improve your employability prospects. You will learn about key challenges in the current global economic environment, consider issues from around the world, and analyse and evaluate problems to identify the best solutions to improve international banking and finance strategies and practice. Banking continues to experience a number of problems requiring the development of new opportunities and you will find this course is relevant, innovative and challenging.


MSc (Minimum 12 months, maximum three years)

Course Details

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International Financial Management

Examine the impact of such factors as exchange rates, inflation rates and interest rates on the management of firms in an international/global context. You will be able to devise and evaluate a risk management strategy for the uncertain world of international financial markets using financial instruments such as swaps, options and futures. Emphasis is placed on factors that differentiate multinationals from domestic financial management. This module also offers the opportunity to develop practical analytical and presentational skills by applying theory and concepts to international financial databases.

  • The International Perspective
  • Globalization and the multinational firm
  • International monetary system
  • Balance of payments
  • The market for foreign exchange
  • International parity relationships
  • International Financial Markets
  • The derivative market and hedging strategies
  • Foreign direct investment
  • International capital budgeting
  • International portfolio investment and diversification
  • Financial Management and the Multinational Firm
  • Multinational treasury management
  • Current topics

Accounting and Finance

You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles of financial management within organisations including the interpretation of accounts, corporate governance, investment strategies and issues of risk and return.

Bank Management

You will examine technical perspectives of banking knowledge and fundamental management techniques linked to good communications, leadership and control. You will also review ethical corporate responsibility in a cross-cultural framework, developing your technical ability to assess existing structures and products which maintain a stable international banking system

Indicative Syllabus Outline

  • Banking Functions & Theory and Banking Regulations (including international regulations)
  • Banking Structures
  • Contextual Framework of International Banking & Finance
  • Banks Financial Analysis & Banks Performance
  • Managing Risk in Banks
  • Managing Source of Funds in Banks
  • Providing Loans and Bank Loan Risk Management
  • Banking and corporate relationship 
  • Money Laundering
  • International Banking & money Market
  • Corporate Governance in Banks
  • International Banking, The Future of Banking and Research in Banking

Risk, Regulation and Compliance

You will learn how to employ critical thinking and review of domestic and international regulatory frameworks for financial and non-financial companies. You will also develop an understanding of the economics of regulation and the problems of compliance.

Business Innovation Project

Dissertation: a conventional dissertation of 12,000 to 15,000 words, consisting of a research question, aims and objectives, the rationale for undertaking the study, literature review, research methodology, analysis of findings, conclusions and recommendations