3 good reasons to study Financial Services Management at Salford

This course provides an exciting opportunity if you wish to be involved in one of the world’s most complex industries and in activities such as property, transport and shipping insurance, credit cards, wealth management and home and commercial mortgages.

The current, demanding, financial environment also offers significant opportunities. The banking and financial services sector has now recognised that it needs to re-think its strategies. The opportunity to develop long and profitable client and customer relationships is open to firms that can think and act strategically, embrace new approaches, work creatively and innovate, manage costs and improve their understanding of individual customer needs.


MSc (Minimum 12 months, maximum three years)

Course Details

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Accounting and Finance

Gain a critical perspective of theoretical and practical issues in accounting and learn to distinguish between and evaluate the trading characteristics and capital raising abilities of sole traders, partnerships, limited and public limited companies. You will apply and evaluate tests of profitability and solvency to a range of trading organisations and learn to interpret, evaluate and criticise accounting regulation, especially in relation to International Financial Reporting standards (IFRS).

You will also learn to apply and evaluate the principles of financial management and develop the expertise to evaluate the relationship between an organisation’s context and its corporate financial decisions in the real world.

Indicative Syllabus Outline

International Financial Management

Examine the impact of such factors as exchange rates, inflation rates and interest rates on the performance of firms and assess their significance in decision making in an international/global context.

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Risk, Regulation and Compliance

Learn to employ critical reflection and thinking regarding domestic and international regulatory frameworks for financial and non-financial companies. You will also develop an understanding of the economics of regulation and the problems of compliance.

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Marketing and Services Management

Develop an understanding of the role of marketing within the global organisation and the processes involved, with particular emphasis on the service sector. You will gain knowledge and skills applicable to managing quality and a wide-ranging analysis of the issues involved in managing the strategic marketing/management functions within a global service context.

Indicative Syllabus Outline

Business Innovation Project

Dissertation: a conventional dissertation of 12,000 to 15,000 words, consisting of research question, aims and objectives, rationale for undertaking the study, literature review, research methodology, analysis of findings, conclusions and recommendations.