Acquire a Globally Recognised British Degree

Embark on a journey of academic excellence with the LLM International Commercial Law programme. This online course awards a British degree that is recognised and respected worldwide. The degree not only enhances your academic profile but also opens doors to global opportunities in the field of commercial law.

With this degree, you can confidently apply for jobs in international organisations, law firms, and multinational corporations. The recognition of this degree across borders makes you a competitive candidate in the global job market.

Complete Your Degree 100% Online

The LLM International Commercial Law programme is designed to be completed entirely online. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments. You can study at your own pace and complete the course in as little as undefined.

This online programme is ideal for busy professionals, parents, and individuals who prefer to study in their own environment. It allows you to gain a world-class education without the need to relocate or interrupt your career.

Study Anytime, Anywhere

One of the key benefits of this online programme is that it does not require your presence online at specific times and dates. You can study from anywhere in the world, even while on the move or while travelling. Our mobile app allows you to download the study material and watch the lectures offline.

This flexibility makes it possible for you to study at your convenience, whether you're at home, at work, or on the go. You can fit your studies around your schedule, making it easier to balance your education with your other commitments.

Experience Open Book Assessments

Unlike traditional programmes that rely on classical question/answer exams, the LLM International Commercial Law programme uses open book assessments. This approach encourages critical thinking and the application of knowledge, rather than rote memorisation.

Open book assessments allow you to refer to your notes and textbooks during the exam, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter. This method of assessment prepares you for real-world scenarios where you will need to apply your knowledge and skills.

Learn from World-Class Faculty

The programme boasts a faculty of tutors who graduated from world-renowned universities like Oxford, Harvard, EPFL, University of Basel, and Washington University in St. Louis. These tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme, providing you with a high-quality education.

Learning from such esteemed faculty not only enhances your understanding of international commercial law but also provides you with unique insights into the field. Their guidance and mentorship can be invaluable in your academic and professional journey.

Join a Diverse Student Base

The LLM International Commercial Law programme has a diverse student base from over 130 countries. Our alumni work for international organisations like Crédit Agricole, Renault, Luis Vuiton, AXA, EDF, Sanofi, Accor, United Nations, Google, ICRC, The World Bank, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Tencent, Siemens, Sony.

This diversity enriches the learning experience, providing you with a global perspective on commercial law. You can network with peers from around the world, gaining insights into different cultures and legal systems.

Flexible Payment Options

The programme offers flexible payment options, with fees that can be paid in up to 18 monthly interest-free instalments. This makes the programme more accessible and affordable, allowing you to invest in your education without financial strain.

By offering flexible payment options, we aim to make quality education accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances.

Benefits for Graduates in France

France, being a hub for international business and law, offers numerous opportunities for graduates of the LLM International Commercial Law programme. The knowledge and skills gained from this programme can be applied in various sectors such as international trade, finance, and corporate law.

With France's strong presence in the European Union, graduates can also explore opportunities in EU law and policy. The programme's focus on international commercial law makes it particularly relevant for those interested in cross-border transactions and international business operations.

Moreover, France's thriving tech industry presents opportunities for legal professionals with expertise in international commercial law. As tech companies navigate the complexities of international business, they require legal professionals who understand the intricacies of international commercial law.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Request our course catalogue to learn more about the LLM International Commercial Law programme.