Frequently Asked Questions


Can the fees be paid in instalments and what are the payment plans? Is there a provision for paying per module or per semester?

The fees can be paid in interest free instalments. Once you receive the admission offer, you are required to pay 25% of the course fees. The remaining amount can be paid in 12 monthly instalments. The fees for the residential module if any, need to be paid only when you register for this module. At present, we do not have a provision to pay per module or per semester.

What are the modes of payment?

Payments can be made using credit card or through Bank transfer.

Do you accept payments through Western Union?

Currently we do not accept payments through Western Union.

How do I see my fee in a local currency?

As conversion rates vary by bank, you should check your bank’s website to see the current rate.

Why are the fees quoted in Swiss francs, when the University is based in UK? Can I pay in local currency?

RKC runs the programmes in partnership with three Universities, namely University of Cumbria, University of Salford and York St John University. Student enrollment and course delivery is done by RKC, hence the fee is quoted in Swiss Francs (CHF).

Do I get any discount if I pay the full fees upfront?

Students paying full tuition fees upfront are eligible for a discount of 300 CHF.

What will happen if I don’t pay my monthly instalments in a particular month or for a couple of months?

You will be notified by our accounts team and will be given a grace period for clearing the debts. If dues are not paid even after that, access to the online campus will be temporarily suspended.

Scholarships and student loans

Does RKC provide Scholarships?

Regretfully, we do not offer scholarships. However, we provide an interest free instalment payment plan. Please contact your Education Advisor for more information.

Is there any financial assistance for students from developing countries?

We do not have any financial assistance scheme. However, we provide an interest free instalment payment plan. Please contact your Education Advisor for more information.

Is the programme eligible for UK student Finance loans or loans from the Canadian government?

No, the online programmes are not eligible for UK Student Finance Loans / Loans from the Canadian government.


Is it mandatory to attend the residential module?

It is compulsory to attend the residential module to complete the programme successfully and to be awarded a Master degree. The exception is our LL.M in Advanced IT Law programme, which is 100% online.

Can you provide the dates for each residency class?

We conduct several residential weeks every year. Dates for the residential weeks are available in the student calendar. Please get in touch with your Education Advisor for further information or write to us at

University partnership

How is RKC linked to the Universities?

Robert Kennedy College is in exclusive partnership with the University of Cumbria, University of Salford and York St John University to deliver programmes online. The links on the partnership is appended below:

How can a Swiss college deliver British degrees?

RKC does not award the degree. The degree is awarded by the respective Partner University (University of Cumbria / University of Salford / York St John University)

Will the Professors be from RKC or from the University?

RKC employs highly qualified Professors who are graduates from leading institutions such as the Harvard Business School, Stanford University, Oxford University, University of Basel, Washington University, University of Zurich just to name a few.

Degree accreditation and recognition

Are the Master’s degrees recognised by the British government?

The degrees awarded by our Partner Universities are fully recognised by the British Government. The Universities are duly listed on the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills list of recognised UK awarding institutions.

Is it possible to view a sample copy of the certificate that will be awarded on completion of the programme?

Please contact your Educational Advisor or send us an email at with your request and we will send it to you by email.

Can I get the degree certificate attested by the British High Commission in my country?

Yes, the British High Commission can attest the degree certificate in your country.

Start dates and entry requirements

How many intakes do you have a year and where can I see the different dates and admission deadlines for the year?

We have several intakes throughout the year. You can find one suitable to you by contacting your Educational Advisor or by writing to us at

Is IELTS/ Toefl mandatory?

IELTS /Toefl is not mandatory for candidates who have completed a University level programme in English. We also consider candidates who live or work in an English-speaking environment.

Do you offer any short-term English language courses before commencing the Master’s degree?

No, we do not offer any short term English language courses.