Internationally Recognised British Degree

Embark on a transformative journey with the online Diploma of Business Administration programme. This prestigious qualification, awarded by the University of Cumbria in partnership with Robert Kennedy College, is recognised worldwide. It opens doors to global opportunities, equipping you with a British degree that is respected by employers across the globe.

Whether you aspire to work in multinational corporations or launch your own business, this diploma will enhance your credentials and boost your career prospects. The knowledge and skills you acquire will be applicable in diverse business environments, transcending geographical boundaries.

Flexible Online Learning

With the flexibility to complete the programme 100% online in as little as 9 months, you can balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments. There is no requirement for online presence at specific times and dates, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience.

Our mobile app enables you to study from anywhere in the world, even while on the move or travelling. You can download the study material and watch lectures offline, ensuring uninterrupted learning. We use open book assessments instead of traditional exams, promoting a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

World-Class Faculty and Diverse Student Base

Our faculty comprises tutors who graduated from world-renowned universities like Oxford, Harvard, EPFL, University of Basel, and Washington University in St. Louis. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing you with a rich learning experience.

Join a diverse student base from over 130 countries. Our alumni work for international organisations like United Nations, Google, ICRC, The World Bank, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Tencent, Siemens, Sony, and many more.

Affordable Fees

The programme's fees can be paid in up to 18 monthly interest-free instalments, making it financially accessible. We believe in providing quality education that is affordable and within reach of everyone.

Benefits for Nigerian Graduates

As a Nigerian graduate of this programme, you will be well-equipped to contribute to the country's growing sectors such as finance, telecommunications, and manufacturing. The business administration skills you acquire can be applied to manage and grow businesses in these sectors, driving economic growth.

Furthermore, with the rise of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, this diploma will provide you with the necessary skills to start and manage your own business. From strategic planning to financial management, you will learn all the key aspects of running a successful business.

Lastly, the international recognition of this diploma can open doors to opportunities in multinational corporations operating in Nigeria. You can bring global best practices to these organisations, contributing to their success and growth.

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Request our course catalogue today and take the first step towards a brighter future.