The modules that make up the programme have been carefully crafted by experienced professors and are all meant to make you a more successful and efficient manager.

There are no old-fashioned exams. Instead you are given real-life case studies and essays, which allow you to think critically about your company and your own career. All this might seem too glossy but there is one catch: we do not accept average candidates. Only individuals as outstanding as our values can find their way toward admission at the Robert Kennedy College.


Not-for-credit module

A not-for-credit induction module will be the starting point of the programme. The induction process is designed to familiarise you with the programme design, requirements and resources, as well as with the way online interaction, learning and grading will take place. After the induction you should be familiar with academic life, including academic writing, library services and library access, OnlineCampus access, and academic support services.

Level 6

Business Psychology

The purpose of this module is to apply psychological, OB and HRM theories and principles to organisations and individuals in their places of work as well as the individual's work-life more generally. The module also provided students with an opportunity to reflect on the role of psychology in the workplace.

International Marketing

This module aims to appraise current international marketing theories. To assess and apply knowledge of key theories and models to organisations operating in an international context. To analyse and evaluate the strategic marketing process as it exists in multinational organisations.

Global Business

This module seeks to critically analyse how global businesses and globalisation impacts on the way companies operate. You will critically analyse how organisations respond to challenges that globalisation brings.

International Human Resource Management

The aim of this module is to critically evaluate human resources in domestic and international contexts. This will enable students to become more effective managers and leaders in an increasingly globalised society. The module develops students’ critical evaluation of the HRM framework, its links to strategy and organisational performance. This will lead to a critical analysis of the contribution of specific HR policies and practices to the achievement of organisational goals.

Business Independent Project (40 credits)

The module aim is for you to be able to initiate, plan, research, sustain and evaluate an extended piece of independent intellectual work based on individual initiative and relevant to the chosen programme title.